Sumi Niseko

Sumi Niseko

A tailored home on Japan’s alpine frontier that urges you to discover what moves you, inspires you, and fuels your youth.

The name Sumi is a Japanese polysemy meaning ink, charcoal, and the colour black, a bold statement against Niseko’s wintery landscape. A home that stands out from the typical cottage, it is designed for fearless hearts and vibrant spirits. 

LOCATION: Niseko, Japan
SCOPE OF WORK: Branding, Interior Design
TEAM: Anna Siu, Fumi Kamigama, Nicole Lee

Sumi represents the freedom of boundless expression – thick brushstrokes breaking the silence on a piece of white paper; ski tracks cutting through immaculate white powder; a warm steel home juxtaposed with the vast snow-covered land of Kabayama.

Embodying the excitement of discovery balanced by the comfort of a home, the logo encapsulates the three elements of the brand – “mountain” representing the alpine backdrop, “house” as a nod to the architectural slanted roof, and “fire” to evoke the warmth of the house and the spark of adventure. 

A creative nod to the slopes, the slanted roof of the houses is a distinct sight. A contemporary palette of black steel and concrete and a playful arrangement of windows come together to form the expressive façade. The variety of windows translates to a unique view in each room, allowing every individual their personal connection with Niseko’s striking nature. 

In the interior, an evocative dark palette is warmed up by an expanse of solid timber flooring, and the minimal interior provides moments of refinement contrasted with whimsical furniture and art curation. As guests ascend the staircase and enter the living space, a custom floor-to-ceiling shelving greets them with a collection of memories on display. The open layout of the villa – from the kitchen island to the ding table to the living area– creates a natural flow. The floor to ceiling windows connect the indoors to the expansive pristine landscape, while the fireplace exudes an intimate ambiance, allowing for both social gatherings and private reflections. 


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