The New Moon

The New Moon

A destination for curated objects and profound wisdom on contemporary wellness and spirituality, The New Moon is for everybody and anybody to discover their own path and purpose.

The New Moon is a platform and publication that creates exclusive content, shares industry knowledge and curates beautiful edits of lifestyle products for mind, body, spirit & life. Kaye Dong was driven to create The New Moon after noticing a dearth of design-driven home-rituals items that added visual gratification to her home altar, deciding to pull together an edit of sophisticated objects that unite form, function and the flow of energy.

SCOPE OF WORK: Brand Experience, Art Direction, Content Creation
TEAM: Fumi Kamigama, Alice Ho, Nelson Koe

The New Moon signals renewal in poetic shadow-play with earth and sun. Just as the new moon reflects the light of the sun, new moon reflects, investigates and shares practices and philosophies that promote discovery and self-awareness.

The brand identity designed in collaboration with Studio Ongorato celebrates the orbital phases and power of the moon, the associated rituals around reflection, new beginning and new intentions.

As an e-commerce platform, thoughtful analogue touchpoints are important to seamlessly bridge the digital and physical experience. A subtle geometric secondary graphic language on the packaging and collaterals brings the brand to life; affirmation cards personally written and signed by the founder creates an authentic connection with customers; customised gift sets with personalised packaging makes each gift one of a kind. The New Moon’s tangible assets embody the value of connection, with the intention of fostering a community that supports each other on their journey.  

To connect with the community, The New Moon curates intimate events with design driven details. From retail, to workshops, to holistic healing experiences, each event is designed to be approachable, welcoming returning and new customers, and to be beautiful, leaving a lasting impression.


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