K For Kids

K For Kids

Every child deserves love, and K for Kids’ mission is to show out-of-home care children their potential in creating their own bright future and to make them feel supported in everything they do.

K for Kids is a foundation that envisions a world where every child, no matter their background, is given the opportunity to thrive and unlock their full potential. Through championing holistic development that encompasses physical, emotional and psychological well-being, brining happiness, nurturing creativity, and leveraging collective wisdom, K for Kids brings positive impact to the lives of OoHC children.

TEAM: Fumi Kamigama, Alice Ho

The Good Studio carried out a rebranding exercise with the intention of bringing a level of maturity and modernity to the brand, so that while it encapsulates the happy, fun, and dynamic energy of children, it can also connect with adults to bring awareness to out-of-home care children, and appeal to potential sponsors, donors, foster families, and volunteers. 

The name “K for Kids” implies the letter “K” stands for “Kids,” bringing out the message that every kid has a place in the world. Emphasizing the letter K and highlighting the brand’s vision of bringing joy to out-of-home care children, the logo icon plays with the letter to resemble a smiley face. The brand colours are vibrant and joyful, and a secondary graphic language that plays with the graphic of the smiley face curve was created to live on collaterals to bring out the positive messaging.

The foundation has given children the opportunity and freedom to pursue their talents and to reconnect with society through diversified creative activities signature programs. K for Kids Birthday Parties are held to ensure every child in residential care feels the excitement of their birthday like any other child; Summer Klub provides children with the chance to embark on a journey of self-discovery and creative exploration through art, music, and dance; Wanderland is an annual carnival that brings the holiday spirit to the children. With more awareness, K for Kids aims to create beautiful memories and hopeful futures for all children. 


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