Loft of Fairy Tales – marrying tradition with modern sensibilities in a wedding and lifestyle concept space.

The LOFT Bridal is a luxury boutique tailored to the modern bride. Founded by Jacqueline Au, a fashion buyer renowned for her expertise and dedication to source designs that stand the test of time, the destination caters for the confident, youthful bride with a fashion edge. The Good Studio was tasked to elevate the interior design while staying true to the boutique’s unconventional, ultra-chic values.

SCOPE OF WORK: Interior Design
TEAM: Kaye Dong, Chloe Kelly, Mike Chan

“I wanted to show off a curation [of bridal gowns] and place them in an environment that inspires people.”

Jacqueline Au

Taking traditional aspects of a wedding, the team has infused new-age ideas to modernise the experience. Both the curved walls and varying white textures resemble a classic wedding dress, whilst also creating a reflective and light absorbent space. A careful selection of soft-textured furniture and swooping edges offer a soothing, dreamy setting.

From stucco paint on the accent walls, gloss lament on doors and soft white sheers, the team has carefully considered 50 shades of white before deciding on the final palette. Playing with a beautiful blend of materiality to seamlessly match Jacqueline’s story of style and high fashion, the Nero Italian marble table, designed by The Good Studio is a notable highlight. This high-quality attention to detail runs throughout the space, reflecting the meticulous curation it exhibits.

The fitting room is a separate nook for the bride to have her own private reveal before walking outside to share the fairy tale moment. The lighting design was highly considered to best showcase the beauty and colour of the wedding dresses. It’s an intimate place where the comforting soft textures and undulating walls feel like a warm embrace.

The LOFT Bridal is dreamy haven for brides-to-be to muse on the most magical event of their lives.


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