The Art of Thriving in Disruption

2021 Insights

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Why strategy is key to success.

In the competitive design world, strategy is your edge; the bedrock that forms beauty and value. More than anything, all successful projects need to start with great insight and a well-thought-out plan. For example, an office owner needs to understand the latest trends in workplace design, smart technology, as well as user-experience; otherwise, it would just be another unstimulating office with little room for creativity.

What are some trends you have spotted?
How does retail and F&B need to evolve
in these challenging times?

What are some trends you have spotted? How does retail and F&B need to evolve in these challenging times?

The global pandemic has impacted all aspects of our daily lives – how we work, how we shop, how we eat, and how we travel. Companies around the world have implemented WFH or a hybrid work model since the start of coronavirus. While the majority embraces this new arrangement and some find themselves even more productive, the physical office will remain as a crucial hub to forge collaborations and innovation. This shift demands new cultural strategy and organisation design, as well as the need to rethink the “purpose” of the office. Technology also plays an important role in creating a more user-centric workspace, ensuring that it contributes to an environment that is safe, collaborative, effective and sustainable for the future.

For years, physical retailers have been struggling as e-commerce takes off and the insurgency of covid-19 has only further accelerated this trend. As we shift towards a more digital world, brick-and-mortar stores will be restructured where customer engagement is key. We have started to see mall owners re-strategising to attract shoppers with an even higher level of experiential retailing than before. The investment in experience needs to ensure that the customers build an emotional connection with the brand, which adds value and delivers a commercial return.

Another big transformation in consumer behaviour we noticed over the past year was the rise in value segment. Gen Z values authenticity; they make more conscious choices about who they buy from, and the cost is high for brands that don’t take action on sustainability, racial equity and inclusion.

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Redefining Luxury in the Age of Sustainability
and Wellness, especially in the Hospitality Industry

Redefining Luxury in the Age of Sustainability and Wellness, especially in the Hospitality Industry

“Old Luxury” is tangible, encompassing items that reflect excess, opulence and status; “New Luxury”, however, is intangible. The focus has shifted from product to process and experience. This concept includes environmental and human ethics which guide the formation of a zero-waste and circular economy. Industry leaders, Six Senses pioneered the idea that luxury and sustainability could go hand in hand from its inception 20 years ago. It’s not just a marketing term they used, but it is at the heart of everything they do. As such, it promotes value and market differentiation and improves customer loyalty.

To complement sustainability, the wellness sector is now worth more than $4 trillion and it is expected to grow exponentially in the post-covid world. We see this megatrend across all sectors – sustainable hotels with a unique wellness program and workplaces with not only biophilic designs, but also comprehensive employee wellness programs. Both retailers and F&B are coming up with wellness offerings such as CBD products, as well as the introduction of the WELL Building Standard certification.

At TGS, our in-house strategists and design thinkers co-create clear visions that will guide the project, by working closely with our clients to understand their needs and goals. We are constantly pushing the boundaries of best practice metrics with transformative results for the wellbeing of the environment, the community, and the people within the built environment.



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