Home building for a village family in Cambodia

In May this year, a group of the TGS team spent 5 very meaningful days with Eliv 以立國際服務 in Cambodia, working hard in tough conditions to build a home for a family in Svay Chek village, Siem Reap.

On the final day when the last wall was erected and we saw the house that we built with blood, sweat and tears (literally), that was the moment we knew we had done something really amazing. Even though the days were long and the temperatures were soaring, giving up was never a thought that passed our minds. We soldiered on. Shared responsibilities. Helped each other out. Because we knew that what we weren’t just building a house, we were building a home. And that is something worth fighting for.

We are grateful for the inspiring and team at Eliv who not only guided us in the house building mission, but also helped connect us with the people, history and culture of Cambodia.

We strongly believe that to make a difference in someone’s life, you don’t have to be brilliant, rich, beautiful or perfect. You just need to care and that is exactly The Good Studio spirit.

Kaye & team

With students from a local village Off we go!Building the framework for the home out of bamboo Svay Chek villageVisiting a local village family