“Circle of Love” Art Event


Beneficiary Organization

House Of Learning (Charitable Institute Registered Number : 91/5526)

Program Objective

Circle represents the eternal whole, well-roundness and completeness.  In further, it is recognized as the link of love and unity between human-being.  In view of the children from the low income families generally are seldom being invited in parent-child events in community, the Art Service of “Circle” is acted as the host to provide these children and families with the art activity – “Circle of Love”.  Apart from aiming to help the underprivileged groups to have sense of being value, care and love, it is also helping them to recognize that everyone may have a right to have dream of lives, and being respected.  Further, the event of “Circle of Love” is purposed to arouse the public to be aware of the need of underprivileged groups in community.

  • Date: 30.8.2015 (Sunday)
  • Time: 14:00 – 20:00 (Art making activity & dinner inclusive)
  • Venue: TBC
  • Serviceable Target: Low income family (registration thro’ House of Learning)
  • Participant: 60 persons (30 Children with one parent of respective family)

Program Details

In the beginning of the event, volunteers and the children will get a round for warm up exercise which includes acting as circle making with body or movement so as to increase their understanding of circles and facilitate their creativity.

After the warm up exercise, the children will be divided into small groups. Volunteers will act as facilitator to help the children drawing various circles onto a big cloth with their creativity and their dream of lives. At time, everyone will experience into the kaleidoscopic art world and enjoy the circling art freely. In the free movement of circles, the shading movement and the lines may enhance the children’s sense of energy and power, as well as integrity and thus with unexpected effects and outcomes.

During the event, the children not merely are asked to share materials to their peers, they are also encouraged to help peers to complete the art making and share experience accordingly. With this actively interaction, the goals of “House of Learning” regarding the children learn of co-operation, verbal expression and caring the one in needs may be fulfilled.

When the circling art making is completed, all children will walk around the product for learning how to appreciate peers’ art making from various viewpoints, they are also encouraged to voice out their feelings and their dream of lives at the same time.

After the activity, the host of organization will prepare a dinner buffet for the children and their families. By the closing event, souvenirs will be distributed to the children for both recognize their participation and also encourage them to pursue art making continually as to dig in their potential and achieve their dream of lives.

In order to help the children learning the environmental green and remind them of tracing their track of dream continually, the children will respectively obtain a small environmental bag from the partial art making cloth before leaving .